Rainy City Street Pictures, Images and Photos
Walking home from dropping off the kids at school, the sky opened up on my head. A welcome change in weather, this rain. Hasn’t rained since the last week of March. It’s the end of September now. Just yesterday we were changing shirts every three hours because of the heat and humidity. Today the humidity is 100% and I’m liking it.

The coffee shop owner sweeping in front of his store ran under an awning to keep from getting wet and laughed at me as I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk staring up at the sky with a big, dopey grin on my face, water running down my glasses, cheeks and lips. He said I’d get drenched. I told him “Praise God. It’s the first rain of the season and I got to witness it.” He laughed and waved goodbye as I walked on. “Losing My Religion” by REM is a great song to listen to while walking in the rain. Although I tend to embrace the glory of God when seeing the beauty of His creation around me, so I guess their lyrics are lost on me. But the quirky and happy tune seem to fit.

I arrived home soaked, happy, inspired. The rain refreshes your mind. Cleanses your palate. Inspires your creativity. Awakens your inner monster.

Rain is erotic and sensual. Ever make love on the living room floor with the balcony doors wide open in the middle of a rainstorm? Try it. It takes things to a whole new level. 

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