I’m considering a major change in my life. It’s a big decision.
I’m not really sure I’m ready for it. But I’m weighing all the
odds and I’m leaning toward just jumping off into the unknown.
Yes. It’s a serious and HUGE change for me. I have seen it
coming for a few years and some of my friends have been
pushing me to do it. I just wasn’t sure I was strong enough
before. I think I am now. I can do this. And I can do it on my
own. (taking a deep breath.) I am seriously considering….

becoming a vegetarian. There. I said it in my outloud voice.
(What you thought I was going to get a divorce? Become a
Republican? Shaaaa. As if.)

I think that the health benefits would be huge. I’m about 50
pounds overweight and there is a history of heart disease,
several types of cancer, and diabetes in my family on both
sides. I think it would help me with my energy levels, sleep
issues and arthritis as well as other health reasons. (No. I’m
not about the animals, crap. I LOVE ME SOME ANIMAL
FLESH.) I think it’s time I bring my weight, cholesterol, and
acid levels down.

I’m probably not going to start until after Ramadan is over.
I’m barely keeping up with getting food prepared in time
as it is without adding an additional entree for myself.
Please forward me any whole foods type veggie recipes as
I will be open to any suggestions. Here’s to health.

2 thoughts on “Should I or Should I Not?

  1. Since my daughter has become a vegan, I had to learn how to modify some of our favorites. We have some really good vegan recipe books (Well, actually she has them now, because she is off in college), but one of my favorites is “Vegan with a Vengeance”, which has a lost of great breakfast recipes… However, I have heard that vegetarianism doesn't necessarily lead to weight loss. Some actually gain weight (I don't want to name names, but the ex-husband of our mutual friend has actually lost his former svelte Marine figure since he has become a vegetarian.)


  2. DUDE! No WAY!!!! I thought he just got fat because he got married again and got out of the Marines. Mine is more for health reasons. The weight loss will be directly related to how much exercise I do. I know this. My metabolism hit a brick wall back in the early 90's. But more importantly…I can't believe your daughter's in college. See. I'm planning on NEVER getting old. I'm clutching to 29 with a G.I.Joe Kung Fu Death Grip. (And my kids are not allowed to get any older. Shit. I just realized I'll be stuck in the teen years forever. Screw that. Bring on the aging!)


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