I’ve commented on here before….well, maybe not on HERE
but definitely on my OLDER blog site (HERE) about how
my approach to non-emergency medical issues with the kids
is “the squeaky wheel gets the oil.” I honestly try to get all of
the eye doctor, dental check ups, etc off the “to do” lists but
sometimes those are OBE (Overtaken By Events.)

Aiman told me about 3 months ago that his tooth had a tiny
spot on it and I promised I’d get him to the dentist to get it
filled. It was the beginning of a cavity. But then the events
started. My husband came home after being gone for a year.
My overly-needy neighbor kept calling with some sort of dire
emergency that needed my attention. My kids were in the
middle of final exams and then we started packing up to move
into this apartment. My husband left last month for a 2-month
job in Greece. And then Ramadan started. So his tiny little
cavity was OBE….and his wheel stopped squeaking. I forgot
about it.

Two nights ago, I made string pastry with cheese. Kind of
a Middle Eastern cheese cake thing. Aiman took one bite and
took off running through the house, screaming and clutching the
right side of his face. He said the sugar was hurting his tooth.
I told him to rinse out his mouth. He opted to rinse with ice
water instead of tap water…..and the screaming and running
started up again for another 3 or 4 minutes. I checked his
tooth and that teeny tiny spot of a beginning of a cavity was
now a big brown hole with a crack running straight up to his

We went to the local clinic where I heard the doctors are crap
but the dentist rules. We paid 15 Egyptian Pounds for the exam
and waited about 10 minutes. He brought us in and took a
look at his mouth. He then turned to me and said, “It’s a baby
tooth. He’s 10? We’ll pull it. The adult tooth will probably be
in there in less than a year anyway.” I quickly did the Mommy-
fakeout thing while the dentist was getting his big honking
anesthesia needle with the 9-inch point ready.

I pulled a clean tissue out of my purse and walked up to the
chair and told Aiman, “Hey. I think this dentist’s light is too
bright in your eyes. Let’s put this tissue on them so that your
eyes don’t burn. Okay? Now lay very still while the dentist
looks in your mouth again.” The dentist saw what I was doing
and I think was grateful since this was Aiman’s first trip to the
dentist in 4 years and he never saw it coming. Thank God.

He pulled the tooth (roots and all….I checked) and we
blew that popsicle stand in all of 15 minutes. Now Randa’s
wheel is squeaky about teeth. So I guess it’s back to the
clinic we go. I wonder if they have a pay for 4 get the 5th
free deal. 

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