Yes. This pretty much sums it up. My little boy, Ismail, is twelve. Okay.
He’ll be 13 in September. And he wears a size 12 men’s shoe. His
older brother wears an 11.5 but he’s 16 years old, so one wouldn’t
exactly cringe at that size since he’s closer to adulthood. But Ismail is
only 12! And they are wide, God bless him. Like “toss-the-shoes-and-
keep-the-box” wide.

I used to worry about shoes because all 5 of them had such wide feet
and outgrew shoes all at the same time and Stride Rite was the only
place that could accommodate the Donald Duck-width thing. (Damn
them for being so pricey!) But NOW, we’re at the point of starting a
letter writing campaign to all the shoe factories in Egypt to see which
ones will be willing to custom make shoes for these kids. Samiya and
Aiman both wear my size now and they are 11 and 10. Randa has
been in a size 9.5 women’s for a couple of years now. I’m thinking I
should get some sponsors for advertising on this blog. Maybe even
writing a book….soon. I’ll need any money I make to pay for shoes.
Or a class with the local cobbler so we can not only homeschool and
make our own ketchup, but have D-I-Y-foot fashion “to boot.”

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