Yeah, well, Africa Hot here in Africa just means the usual kind of hot.
The hot where you have all the ceiling fans and the portable fans run-
ning full blast all day and all night until the electric company shuts off
the power grid for about 2 hours so that the city can handle the sheer
volume of wattage being sucked out of it at once. Or maybe they’re
just giving the little gerbils a tea and cigarette break outside of their

And we sweat. We sweat while we sleep, while we eat, while we sit,
while we shower. Yes, we sweat IN the shower. We haven’t even
hooked up the water heater since we’ve moved in. Who needs it?
Africa hot means solar heated water pipes. However, this also means
you don’t get to drink cold water unless you’ve remembered to put
water bottles in the fridge. And with 5 kids, you’d think that would
not be a problem, right? You would be so WRONG. Because with
5 kids, we drink hot water out of the cold tap all the time. Mainly,
because we can’t ever find the water bottles.

As a mom, I drink a bottle of water. I then carry it with me on my
next trip to the kitchen and wash it out and refill it and stick it in the
freezer (usually behind a bag of bread to hide it from those cold water
sucking fiends I laughingly call my offspring.) My kids, however, take
a bottle (usually my ice-chippy cold bottle hidden behind the bread
bags) and suck it down and then find a new place to store the empty
bottle. These places change hourly. I have found the empty bottles
under the computer desk, behind my bed, under the couch, on top
of the t.v., in the toy box, and on the top shelf of the closet.

And today, with all the water bottles empty, and the fans going full
blast blowing around hot air, Ismail and Randa decided to teach
themselves how to bake bread today….at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.


3 thoughts on “It’s Africa Hot

  1. You'd better find a way to log in Non-anonymously so I can openly kick your
    ass. That's SO not nice. I have to go
    to the bank or a big supermarket to get
    However, I am not the one who should be
    suffering from Ozone-abuse guilt! So there.


  2. You should stop making it so fricking hard to post comments. It's like Fort Fricking Knox….I have to sign in or select a profile and/or post my name with a fake URL because I'm not a blogger. And even while signing in anonymously I have to type some stupid verification code. Seriously? What a pain in the can. I would comment more (and so would others) if it wasn't such a pain in the butt. Make it easier.


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