I wear a hijab. That means I wear loose fitting clothing that doesn’t outline my body and I cover everything with the exception of my face and hands. I wear a scarf to cover my hair. It’s sometimes viewed by westerners as an “oppressive” type of garb, but it’s actually quite freeing. When I talk to men, they actually have to deal with ME…not just my boobs. No, really. I don’t have to worry about whether or not a colleague, a salesclerk or other person that I have to interact with during my daily routine as a mother/wife/customer/patient is actually hearing what I’m saying or is mentally admiring my hair or tight pants or cleavage….because all of those distractions are removed from the equation. I’m an actual equal. And I reserve those “distractions” or “ornaments” of me for the one man in my life who should see them: my husband. Well, my sons or brother or dad or paternal uncles or maternal uncles can see me without my hijab. But I would never be allowed to marry any of them. And yes. It’s hot under all these clothes in the summertime. But that’s okay. I chose to wear this for my religious reasons. And I am not being forced to wear it. Just like my daughters aren’t forced to wear it. I started teaching my older daughter to wear it when she was 11 because she began developing rather early. It was a means of protection for her. She was not aware that she needed protection from some filthy piggish men who were making disgusting remarks about her. She is autistic, so she isn’t aware of these types of foul-minded people or how disrespectful they were speaking about her. I was though and I put them in their place. And yelled out for her father who came downstairs and chased them off of our street. And to her it’s just normal because she is a big girl and dresses like Mommy. My younger daughter discussed the issue with me and when she turned 11, she also began to wear hijab. She liked the idea of the girls only family tradition. And it’s like a club for us girls. And she wears the latest styles of scarves and enjoys being modest. And sometimes she gets hot, too. But she knows that she can always take it off when she gets home. So it’s no big deal. And it’s our choice. Respect it.

4 thoughts on “Yes, It’s Hot Thanks for Asking

  1. Bout time I can post without hassle. It still wants a URL (can I put yours and link to yourself haha). Woo-hoo! Glad the sun revolves around me.

    I think all people should be less concerned with what others wear or don't wear, as long as they are good people.


  2. “Dorky” is an acronym for Daringly Original, Really Kind Youth” right? Name calling is really beneath someone with your IQ. You were always the smart one, remember? I was the well-behaved one.


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