While I admit, I AM totally SUPER-MOM, I do have limits.
I can do a bunch of junk simultaneously but I have to draw
the line at cleaning two houses that are 3 miles apart at the
same time. So while I’m cleaning all the dust and dirt out of
the new apartment which had been empty for about a year
after not having been cleaned by the previous tenants for
the last ten years, I cannot possibly clean the apartment we
are still living in. I am good. I’m DAMN good….but not
THAT damn good.

So here’s a message to the family: Hey, Sponges. (And I
mean that in the sucking the life out of me sense of the word.)
Pick up your dishes off the table and WASH THEM when
you are finished eating. If the washing machine goes off
after I turn it on before walking out the door to go hose off
12 pounds worth of dirt from the window screens, PULL
them out and hang them on the line. While it IS an automatic
washing machine, it too has limits. You kids are all over the
age of 10 and none of you has had your hands amputated,
thank God. So if you’re hungry while I’m out, don’t use
digits to call me to inform me of this information. COOK
something. Make a sandwich. Give me a flippin’ break.

Okay, the soap box I’m standing on is getting wobbly….
I’d better get down. 

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