I went to pick up Ismail’s report card from the school yesterday….and lo,
and behold! HE PASSED. We’d been so worried because he really does
not study much and I’m convinced he has a little dyslexia going on. At
any rate, Ismail passed. We’re soooo happy. No summer school. No more
screaming, yelling, begging, crying, grounding, etc. Yay!
We took them to the beach with my husband’s cousins and their kids.
Wow. Ten kids in the water with me. I’ve  never counted to 10 so many
times in 3 hours in my life. But everyone had fun and no one drowned
and by the time the sun set, we were ready to get home. I LOVE LOVE LOVE living this close to the beach. I’m not really a beach person…and
this year I’m loving it. Anyway, the above photo is a little old…from
back in April before the weather started getting nice. I’ll get serious or funny again with a later blog, I guess. Today is just a “this is where we’re at” kinda thing. And by the way, that would be THE BEACH!

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