I have decided to postpone number 5 of 5 in the “Bright Spots in My Day Today” series.
Primarily because my kids all ceased being “bright spots” and turned into “black holes”
in the last 3 days. I love them all with all of my heart. But I just don’t like them right now.
They’re all sick and driving me up a tree. I cook, clean, dole out meds, put them in bed,
buy fruit and make soup. They in turn throw their dirty socks on the floor, run out onto
the balcony with short sleeves on, blow their noses and then throw the dirty tissues onto
each other, complain how they don’t like this or that for dinner, get out of bed 47,000
times to fight and pee and drink water only to have to pee again and then fight about whose
turn it is to shut the light off.

Ismail is on my short list for the first available childless couple in search of a cute 12-yr
old to adopt. It’s raining cats and dogs outside, the window in the back bedroom has water
running into it from the roof of the building and I’m almost out of towels. On top of all that,
I still don’t have t.v. because I never replaced the ripped up cable to the satellite dish and
Frontierville on Facebook refuses to load. I swear I’m losing it. If it weren’t so wet and cold
outside, I’d be heading to the pharmacy for Prozac. *sigh*

This too shall pass…this too shall pass….this too shall pass.

One thought on “Today Sucks.

  1. Sorry that the kids are sick and not acting like bright spots. Sorry too that your house is leaking and your TV doesn't work. And you know how much I love you, right? Because I do. A ton. But seriously? If you start doing that Frontierville, Farmville, etc. crap on Facebook, I WILL hide you from my news feed. I hate that virtual life crap.


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