Aiman is my baby. He is the fifth born and third son. He’s nine. That big cheesy grin can take any day from hell, no matter HOW miserable, and turn it around 180 degrees! We’ve determined that he is made up of three parts, though we’re not sure how: 4 parts me, 4 parts Mohamed and 2 parts Warner Bros. cartoon.
He makes faces that will crack you up and is quite sly about the way he can insult you. (Afterall, he IS his
mother’s son.) We saw the trailer to that movie “Dinner for Schmucks” and Aiman figured out a way to call someone a schmuck without actually using the word. So if he ever walks up to you and asks with a grin, “You like cheese with the holes, don’t you?” feel insulted!

Aiman is super smart, super cute, super cool and talented in art, music, and school. He and I were singing together the other day (can’t remember what song) but I noticed that he picked up on the tenor harmony and belted it out while I was singing the melody. And with no musical training…hmmmmm. Aiman is the one who will stop watching t.v. and walk into the kitchen and hug me for no reason at all and just as suddenly turn around and walk back out. He is tall with legs up to his neck and wears the same size shoe as I do. Aiman is extremely funny and loud and brave with such a sensitive side that if his older brother calls him stupid he will run into his room and cry. His feelings are very easily hurt and he usually tries to think how others would feel before he says something incredibly mean. (You know and then there are times when he is a typical kid and just doesn’t care HOW you feel if he calls you BUTTFACE.)

Aiman loves animals and desperately wants a pet. He and his huge begging smile are what finally won me over to allow a stray Siamese cat into the house about 2 months ago. Of course it was also his ornery antics that cost her that stay (combined with Randa’s severe allergies.) Jelly, the cat, turned out to be pregnant and started to lose her patience with Aiman flipping her around in his lap and trying to pick her up under her “arms” and hold her like a baby. Then one day she came tearing into the kitchen with Samiya running after her yelling, “DON’T YOU DARE, AIMAN!” and Aiman running after them both with his mouth wide open and a piercing battle cry emitting from it. He had scratches all over his cheeks and neck and swore he was going to kill her. Samiya grabbed the cat up off the floor in an effort to protect her and Jelly scratched up her hands and arms and darted under the couch. I grabbed her by the tail and threw her into a cardboard box and started for the nearest pet shop to sell her. It was then that Samiya tearfully offered that it wasn’t the cat’s fault. Apparently Aiman was clowning around and picked her up and announced it was dinner time and pretended to shove the cat’s head into his huge open mouth. I’d have freaked out, too. The cat was just afraid for her life. This bought her a little time until I could find a good home. (I finally did last week. Yay!)
Now he’s taken to picking up stray cats off the street (there are a ton of them here in Egypt) and shoving them in the face of a 13 year old boy named Moody who lives down the street and is an Ailurophobe . It generates quite a laugh….provided he can continue to outrun Moody once he puts the cat down. That’s as close as he’s getting to another pet anytime soon. I’ve re-established my “NO ANIMALS” policy.

Aiman is amazing to me. He understands and catches things that other children his age don’t. For instance, he jumped up and grabbed his shoes about 3 weeks ago and insisted it was his turn to go with me on an errand. So I brought him with me, begrudgingly….he’s one of those “buy me this–I want that” kind of  kids. About 400 yards from the house he asked, “Where are you going anyway?”  I gave him my late Granny Jean’s standard response to this nosy question:

“Up a hog’s butt to get a ham sandwich.Wanna come along?”
He didn’t even blink before saying, “We’re Muslim. We don’t eat ham.”
Then there are things he doesn’t get, like exactly how many “JUST SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE”s he should hear prior to hauling ass from Hamo before he gets pounded or why he will never be able to grow the “disco hair” that he wants since his hair is straight. He still thinks there should be a way to “will it” curly.

Aside from growing an afro, there’s probably nothing this kid can’t do.

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