It’s 2a.m. and I’m supposed to be having a
garage sale tomorrow. YIKES! I’ve got all
the smaller furniture and lamps and wall
hangings and stuff in the garage just
waiting to be dragged out onto the driveway.
But all the big ticket heavier than a
truck full of Sumo wrestler items are all
still in the house. *sigh*
I know I’m not going to be up before 7.
And it’s going to take until 7:45 to get
Mohamed outta bed to help me. Maybe I’ll
just wake up the kids and make them help
me. Or maybe those damn early-bird people
who’ll be knocking on the front door at 7:30
asking if they can have discounts for helping
me to roll out of bed on time.

(Yeah, if someone is stupid enough to do that
they could get hurt. I’m a little on the
stabby side pre-coffee.)

I don’t have a list of prices.
I don’t have those cute little post-it
sticker price tags. Hell, I don’t even
have the dishes, crystal or cookware
that I want to get rid of out in the garage
yet. (Maybe that’s a good thing. I caught
Aiman playing end table hop out there and
threatened to break his little legs if he
didn’t quit hopping from dresser to dresser.)

Of course, some of this worry might not be
eating at me had I not sat in front of the
computer and played 9.5 hours of Mystery P.I.
with Aiman and Samiya. No, really. 9.5 hours.
The up side is we won unlimited play on our
trial download. Yay. One more puzzle to keep
me occupied during my sleepless nights.

My sister used to be a regular yardsaler.
Of course, now that she has a toddler she
doesn’t do it so often. Because of the child
running amok? you ask. Nay. Because she can
no longer handle the hangovers. She would
drag all of her crap out into the yard and
plop down in a lawn chair with a big ole
thermos full of ice cold margaritas and by
around 2pm she was sloshed and had given
away most of her stuff. I guess about 15
bucks would make it into her gas tank that
week or maybe be used to replenish the now
emptied tequila stock. Too bad I don’t drink,
huh? Oh, well.

Guess I’ll mosey on off to bed. Since I’ll be
getting less than 5 hours of sleep I may end
up with the same “drunken effect” as my sister
but mine will be only due to my insomnia.
Yeah, I’m an idiot. I should have had a week-
long yard sale.

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